Curriculum vitae Jürgen Liminski

Central building of the University of Navarra

Jürgen Liminski, Diplome ès Sciences politiques (University of Strasbourg/France) and Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Información de la Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona.

Anchorman/Journalist at the German National broadcast (Deutschlandfunk) and editorialist for several newspapers. He deserves regularly four million readers. Specialized in foreign poli-cy, especially islam and middle-east-affairs (he was for eight years editor in chief for inter-national affairs at the daily Die WELT) and in social and family subjects. Author of two books on family-policy and director of the "institute for demography, welfare and family" in Sankt Augustin. He worked as a consultant for Aid to the Church in Need in Königstein / Germany, where he writes the fundraising newsletter "Mirror". In February 2011 he was appointed director of the information-department in the headquarters of Church in Need in Königstein.

Married with Martine Le Noxaic since 1971, they have ten children. 

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